Auto A/C Repair

Comprehensive Auto A/C Repairs

Go for a Drive With Working Air-Conditioning

Summers can get quite hot in Florida, so don't get caught breaking a sweat while you're on the road. If your air-conditioning is busted, it's time for a trip to L & R Automotive INC. With our years of experience, we'll find the problem in no time.

A Properly Working A/C System

In order for your air-conditioning to work properly, it must have no leaks that might allow the refrigerant to escape. Although A/C systems are designed to be resistant to leaks and contamination, they're not leakproof and over time, these things can adversely affect cooling. Catching these problems early on can save you time and money, plus keep you cooler for longer.

Air-Conditioning Services We Perform

  • Visual inspection of the A/C components 
  • Run system state of charge test 
  • Run system control test 
  • Perform leak test — if a slow leak cannot be detected, then we may need to perform a dye detection service 
Get your vehicle's air-conditioning system checked at the beginning of the warm season to keep cool. Should you need other repairs for your car, such as electrical repair, please get in touch with us. FREE estimates are available on our auto repairs. Call us today and ask about our current specials. We offer a 10% military DISCOUNT.
Stop sweating and get your A/C fixed today!
Know what you're getting into before you spend even a dime. We offer FREE estimates!
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